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[09. Jan 2008] Simone de Beauvoir

From Wikipedia:

'Simone de Beauvoir is know as one of the 'Mothers' of feminism after 1968. Beauvoir's book The Second Sex, published in French in 1949, sets out a feminist existentialism which prescribes a moral revolution. As an existentialist, Beauvoir accepts the precept that existence precedes essence; hence one is not born a woman, but becomes one. Her analysis focuses on the concept of The Other. It is the (social) construction of Woman as the quintessential Other that Beauvoir identifies as fundamental to women's oppression. Beauvoir asserted that women are as capable of choice as men, and thus can choose to elevate themselves, moving beyond the 'immanence' to which they were previously resigned and reaching 'transcendence', a position in which one takes responsibility for oneself and the world, where one chooses one's freedom'.

If you measure the effect of her thesis against todays reality, you figure out that alot of misunderstandings led to disadvantages for kids and families. This was realized by the German Journalist Eva Herman who published her point of view in her book 'Das Eva-Prinzip'. ('The Eva-Principles')

On Myspace.com you could read a very interesting public opinion poll, which discovered a 'silence majority' which still wishes to hold on to tradional values. This is very interesting, as I have exactely described and researched this differences with my 2 painting series 'The Crowing Point of Creation' and 'The Lord of the Crown'

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