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[07. Jan 2008] After the Wingenfelder Show

I would like to thank my family and my friends who joied me on the trip from Aachen to Nuembrecht that night. All together we were 37 persons on the coach.

Marina and Ecki have perfectly organized this trip. The music was marvelous and the feedback from all was unbelievable nice. The time together with you all, Thorsten and Kai made it the best day in 2007. Thanks for all!

Hier ist die Setlist:All songs are available on iTunes with e exception of the first one.

1.All dressed up and nowhere to go

2.Then she said

3.When a girl goes cold

4.Too broken to breathe

5.Radio orchid

6.Haunted head and heart

7.Idiots and swindlers


9.Blood in my veins

10. Candle in your window

11.Die größte Liebe auf dieser Welt

12. 80´s girl

13. Last day of summer

14. Die Unperfekten

15. Little miss wonderful

16. On Alarm

17. Time to wonder

18. Zimmer 308

19. Won´t forget these days

20. One way dead end street

21. Ghosttown

22. Cannonball

Who would like to see or read more (in German only), here is the link:



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