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[07. Nov. 2007] Why is Retro-Art New?

Ralf Metzenmacher creates with his mix of art and design something new. He calls it Retro-Art. But what is new about it?

I am shaking at the foundations and self understanding of the existing art, because I am adding a production part which is not coming from the world of art, but from the world of design, This means, that I am working on one theme 3 times (as usualy only one time) and create with the 'Mastertape' , the edition and the rallipan picture 3 Originals. For this reason I call my collection basis 'Mastertape'. The printed collection pictures are still 'Originals' because I personally rework every single piece and change the coloration, use new materials, create new sizes, different labels and new frames. At the end of this process I am signing the new 'Originals' with a special stamp and my signature.

This acting is a real artistic behavior which is deeply founded in the arts understanding. I take the freedom to use the law of freedom by the word for my Retro-Art.

My behavior is like a small revolution, because I am changing the view on origin. This aspect was used last time by the screenprints of Andy Warhol and his Pop-Art.


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