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[16th Juli 2020] Retro-Monument for Klopp

"There's The Thing!"

“DenkMal” for Legendary Jürgen Klopp

Berlin. "The whole world is expecting a monument to Jürgen Klopp, we have it," beamed Roland Bischof at the historic site. Ok, not in Anfield. Not in Liverpool. Not yet. Because the ball still rolls in England. But at least in Berlin. More than 30 years after the fall of the wall, of which the bishop already saved the first parts at the time, the most famous current German football ambassador is now quasi carved in stone.

Painted in oil, but forever. Even in contrast to the Berlin Wall, which famously fell three decades ago. Liverpool FC had to wait almost exactly as long for its next championship - exactly since 1990. And a German gave it to the English. Jürgen Klopp. World coach and master maker. Title hunters and legend pictures. Similar to one day Bert Trautmann, who built a historic bridge to England, when the former prisoner of war in the 1956 FA Cup final - despite a broken neck - won the title for Manchester City as a goalkeeper. Some memories actually remain forever! "Like the legendary outburst of emotion from Oli Kahn 2001 in Hamburg," cheers ARD sports reporter Dr. Stephan Kaußen. "Everyone knows` There is this thing! ́ or also `Off, off, the game is over! ́ from 1954. “The university professor must know, after all he is a studied historian and one of the initiators of the charity project. Ralf Metzenmacher is the implementer. The painter. The artist. The designer. Who once equipped legends like Lothar Matthäus with PUMA shoes. Started in the province, rewarded with world fame - like Jürgen Klopp. According to the 2014 motto "Make it, make it - it makes it!" Metzenmacher, who was a passionate footballer himself: “I also thank Urs Meier for contacting Jürgen Klopp, because only with his personal consent could we now make such a big thing together. This is real teamwork! " Meier is a good friend of Klopp, a former FIFA referee and now also portrayed in oil. Because of another historic achievement: His initiative of a completely surprising, sporty-fair, even symbolically peaceful encounter between the soccer teams USA and Iran at the 1998 World Cup.

"That's what we're all about," explains Ralf Metzenmacher: "We want to set monuments to those who really deserve them. And that is why I have now placed Jürgen Klopp in a row with world historical personalities like Gandhi, Genscher or Gorbatschow. " Which finally closes the circle to Berlin. Where “Gorbi” once said: “If you come too late, life will punish you.” With this memorial, the initiator team is now anything but too late - and honors social initiatives from football: FC PlayFair! e.V. from Stuttgart and the German Football Ambassador e.V. in Berlin. It was there that Roland Bischof launched the now highly respected prize for coaches and professionals abroad, which exceptionally - because of Corona - could not (yet) be awarded this year in the Foreign Ministry.

The FC PlayFair! comes from Jürgen Klopp's Swabian homeland and is committed to fair sport, fan concerns and the over-commercialization of football. Urs Meier is a member of both non-profit associations and a truly prominent ambassador of the fair play concept. The “Retro DenkMal series” started exactly two years ago with a portrait of Nelson Mandela - on his 100th birthday. "In July 2018, we developed the idea for the now typical thinking pose," recalls Metzenmacher. “It is about taking a critical look at the personal legacies of major players and their role models. And in addition to politicians, we now also have great athletes like Cassius Clay, who refused to do military service in Vietnam, but withheld his titles and was banned from working. Far too few know that. However, everyone knows that he later became the greatest boxer of all time as Muhammad Ali. ”

They all have a “legacy”, as the English say. Or also “Heritage”. An inheritance! And because Jürgen Klopp Liverpool has now "inherited" the long-awaited championship after the Champions League and acted as a real ambassador for the sport, it actually says this week: "There is the thing!" Four ”,“ The Normal One ”will soon be honored on the River Mersey. So Kloppo next to the Beatles. But that would be a story that the English would have to write themselves.



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