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[11. February 2020] 30 Years of Freedom

Doctor Retro - The Singing Historian New music project for "30 years of freedom"

Berlin. "For young people, the past is just the past!" This terrifying sentence came up this week. From the mouth of a 17 year old, although he is actually a rather well-educated representative of "interested Germany". Well educated, no selfish, shortly before graduation. Oha!

Not only 75 years after the end of the war, but also 30 years after the road to freedom for so many - oha. And as Udo Lindenberg said in his sometimes snotty but always so emphatic way: "Surprise me!" Germany's perhaps most important musician of our time is one of Stephan Kaußen's great “lived role models”. And he actually took the "personal assignment" seriously. “After years of writing books, I came up with the idea of ​​presenting historical relationships in a different way. If not now, when? There are so many current anniversaries that I had to take action. ” Dr. Stephan Kaußen is a "Doctor Retro", a doctor of political science and historian. Author of several socio-analytical books and specialist for Nelson Mandela. Known all over Germany as a journalist, whether as an expert on global topics at phoenix, ARD and ntv, or an even larger audience as a radio and TV reporter in the Bundesliga and Champions League.

Now the 50-year-old has not only surprised himself since November: In addition to a 50-minute lecture on "30 Years Fall of the Wall", there are four songs on this CD, sung and sometimes rather spoken by Kaußen himself. Sometimes in the style of Nina Hagen, sometimes ajar the deep chanting of Leonard Cohen. "Of course it is weird to suddenly also sing," says the creative artist on various stages about his own project. “And at the beginning I had no intention of being at the forefront myself. Rather only to write. Maybe for Lindenberg or Campino. But we have to get this thing out now. And if you don't risk anything, you can't achieve much. Or develop yourself and others. " Permanent broadening of horizons is his thing - and has been for exactly 30 years. "The most important day in my life was November 9, 1989" Kaußen begins his lecture. Back then not even a student, but with the Bundeswehr. "We didn't know on this world history night whether there would be war the next day ?!" Back then, what hardly seems imaginable for young people today was a concrete reality: “If Gorbachev had chosen the Chinese solution against the protests and the call for freedom, it would have cracked. Not just in Berlin. " Fortunately, the obstetrician of German unity did the opposite. And Stephan Kaußen now translates this crystallization point of history into music: "Instead of the Tian'anmen alternative, there was a cooperation directive. Perestroika and Glasnost grew a bridge between west and east. Thanks Gorbi! Thank you Gorbi, for your courage to risk freedom! ”Says Song 3 on the EP, which the“ singing historian ”Kaußen produced with Erich Schachtner. Sometimes trendy and rocky modern, sometimes more theatrical than "intermediate music between U and E", more in the style of Bert Brecht and Kurt Weill. Erich Schachtner is the musical mastermind. Composer, arranger, guitarist, pianist and producer. The 42-year-old comes from Bavaria, but has lived in Berlin for a long time and is at home in a wide variety of genres, just like himself and many other now surprising singers "Doctor Retro". A short but intensive creative phase connects the idea generator with the professional musician from the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra and the Deutsche Oper: “We only got to know each other in autumn, with friends of our musicians in Munich. Back then I spontaneously wrote a lyrics about the Trump mentality crisis in the USA and Erich asked if he could work with it. ”When asked, the result was song 4 of the EP ... Erich Schachtner studied classical guitar and went through many band projects, including with Richard Palmer-James. And unlike Kaußen, he's really no stranger to the music world, but a co-founder of Supertramp and a world-renowned songwriter and lyricist. And now came the circle in January: Stephan Kaußen absolutely wanted to make a song on the topic "30 years of freedom for Nelson Mandela". Why? Because on February 11th there is exactly this new anniversary. So Palmer-James and Kaußen wrote the lyrics for Song 2, "Madiba Magic" together. Madiba is the nickname for Nelson Mandela and describes his wonderful ability to build bridges between former enemies. Like in South Africa between white racists and oppressed blacks.

The next step is now this double CD, whose cover shows four works by Ralf Metzenmacher: Of course the "Rainbow Mandela", an equally thoughtful Michael Gorbatschow and Martin Luther King, as the most important representative of black America, Donald Trump just now does not appreciate. To his real surprise, the fourth portrait is now a thoughtful chew, even on the cover. "I painted Stephan for his 50th in oil without him knowing it. Because he has been doing and financing as much as he can for years as a professor at universities, as a bridge builder to youth, as an altruist and cultural sponsor, as an author and true universalist, so that history becomes and remains tangible. This means that it also fits into my DenkMal series of great personalities for me, ”explains Metzenmacher. “At least in retrospect, one will say: If we had taken his books and lectures much more seriously earlier! And this CD is another attempt to work on the general awareness that the past is not just the past! "

In fact, this CD also starts with a wake-up call: "Warning, attention, there is a danger of going backwards", Stephan Kaußen literally shouts through a megaphone. Before Erich Schachtner's guitar for “30 Years of Freedom”. Threatening. Not jubilant. Celebrating no anniversary. More sensational. Shaking awake. How did the great Udo Lindenberg say: "Surprise me!" https://youtu.be/bbqQ5Dl4EzY


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