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[15.May - 25. May 2019] Canossa Reloaded

A journey of attention with a cross image against the abuse.

Following the motto "Crossing Borders", the artist R. Metzenmacher and his friend Hannes Bauer make a symbolic penitential and pilgrimage hike from Bamberg to Fulda. Metzenmacher works and lives in Bamberg - right at the foot of the cathedral. He is a critical observer of our time and not a servant before the Lord. Criticism in the form of paintings are his preferred means to point out the situation in our society, or to draw attention to an important topic. The large-format cross painting 240 cm x 220 cm), which is an indictment of the Catholic Church, was conceived by the artist and his friend Prof. Dr. med. Kaußen. The title: "The Mantle of Silence II". In it he puts the victims of abuse in the foreground, generally names the perpetrators - and especially the hypocrisy of the institution (church), which did not manage under Pope Benedict at that time to take a stand in all clarity and to question themselves.

The monstrance of morality is stained. Sham - sanctity.

Abstinence is against nature, the breach of trust is the consequence.

Shame is on the wrong side. Church does not protect the individual (children, women and nuns).

Power seduces - transparency instead of hierarchy!

Now time is once again ripe for an inner retreat and moral conversion! At least the three-day conference of the Pope at the end of February 2019 in Rome showed that there is at least a deeper insight into the misconduct of the Catholic Church. Now the urgency of the burning theme is proven to all the world. We do not want to let go now. In response to the papal initiative, which is important and, in principle, very commendable - we must first acknowledge this - we want to set a real example. The once again considered too soft conclusion without legal consequences of the high-profile meeting in the Vatican, leave the observer with many questions. The time for real changes in the Church is more urgent than ever. A possible end to celibacy and, crucially, a secular jurisdiction, would be a clear message to stop the abuse and bring the perpetrators to justice. The loss of the priesthood with all the consequences would be appropriate.

For this reason, Metzenmacher initiated with some friends a penitential or pilgrimage with the title "Canossa Reloaded". And not just with moral, heavy luggage - based on biblical tradition: Jesus bore his cross, representing the sins. Metzenmacher and especially his friend Hannes Bauer drag now in the here and now the post-Easter time a hand cart over the hills and mountains of the approx. 130 km long "journey of the reflection". His painting will then be shown to the public in printed form, and ideally also to the clergy or church representatives. He wants to make the victims even more heard and urges recognition of the suffering, as well as the confession of the perpetrators. Destination of the trip is the cathedral of Fulda and the recognition of the rule of law.

So accusing the image and the text, so great is our hope that finally a bridge will be built between the previously separate worlds.

That's why we take this painful path on behalf of victims and invite everyone who likes to join us! (even for a short section)


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