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[24. July 2018] Alfons Schuhbeck presents Retro Art

100 years Nelson Mandela Alfons Schuhbeck presents Retro Art by Ralf Metzenmacher

Munich. "Cooking legend Alfons Schuhbeck invites you in honor of the legend of the century Nelson Mandela," says South Africa expert Dr. Stephan Kaußen on the common "brainstorm", right now to paint new Mandela portraits and exhibit directly prominently. The new Metzenmacher fit perfectly to the new book "Nelson Mandela" and the worldwide public for the 100th of the "largest lived model".

Not a week after the big birthday this Wednesday, on Tuesday, 24.7., 19 clock, there is now the "triad of the senses": Retro artist Ralf Metzenmacher has painted, Kaußen seasoning verbal - and Alfons Schuhbeck served! "I am very pleased about this initiative and on this certainly extraordinary evening", Schuhbeck South African finger food and matching wines will offer. The author and moderator Stephan Kaußen, known from radio and television, leads through the program. "All of the paintings and prints were actually made in 2018 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela. A simply grandiose artistic realization by the Retro Art by Ralf Metzenmacher, which attracts international attention. "

All three elements are at the top level: star designer (ex-PUMA) and "brush philosopher" Metzenmacher will be present, Mandela author Kaußen (also known as sports reporter of the ARD) presented in talk-format and the " culinary globetrotters and gourmets "Alfons Schuhbeck fills the felt" after World Cup summer hole "in the heart, brain and stomach. "Especially the connoisseur's eye eats with it," laughs Alfons Schuhbeck, who invites good friends and art lovers from Munich.

The contact between the star chef, the star designer and the book author came about through Alfred Kirr, mutual acquaintance of all those involved: "I am pleased when my way of networking bears this fruit. That's exactly what I do, not only in my company, "says the Munich head of DVAG Kirr, who does not want to miss this treat. On display are both painted originals and prints - Retro Art by Ralf Metzenmacher at its best! A tribute to the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and charismatic ambassador of reconciliation. Cooking, art and culture - this top trio to the 100th by Nelson Mandela makes you feel like going out for more.


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