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[22. July 2018] Mandela-Matinee

Mandela Matinee in Herzogenrath Exhibition and lecture on the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela. New Retro Art portraits by Metzenmacher, South Africa expert Kaussen.

Dr. Stephan Kaußen has been involved with South Africa for 22 years - and especially Nelson Mandela. Mandela's famous reconciliation gestures had fascinated him directly since 1995/6: A black president hands over the winner's trophy to a white captain of the national team. Even dressed in the jersey of the national team! As president! Once in rugby, the sport of the Boers and oppressors, once in football, the sport of blacks in the Cape. These were the key scenes of reconciliation at the Cape, where ever since there was room for the Good Hope. Much more so than in 1994, when apartheid ended decades later and Mandela had become the first freely elected president of South Africa. Of all freely chosen - white and black.

Kaussen wrote about his master's thesis, namely the contribution of sport to reconciliation. To prevent a civil war that would have been the much more normal. And somehow this topic for Kaußen was also "normal", but at least consistent, since he is also a sports reporter. Well-known from radio and television, from the ARD, Phoenix and ntv etc. Stephan Kaußen is also a political scientist. And so he wrote his dissertation "From Apartheid to Democracy" at the RWTH Aachen University in 2003/4, and at the latest since the 2010 World Cup on the Cape, Kaußen has established itself throughout Germany as a South African expert. Consequently, in April 2014, his book "20 years of freedom. Mandela's South Africa. Vision or Reality? ", Which appeared exactly 20 years after the end of apartheid - half a year after Mandela's death in December 2013. Kaußen emphasizes one thing over and over again: Mandela's" gentle dominance ". Almost a contradiction, almost as strong as the contrast between black and white - but not indissoluble. "Mandela is thus the largest lived model of modern times. With features of Jesus Christ. Not revenge, despite 27 years in prison, but building bridges is his message. And we would do well to follow this example of cordiality. Cooperation instead of confrontation! " Now, Nelson Mandela would have turned 100 on 18 July 2018. And again to match the latest book "Nelson Mandela"! Published in March 2018 by Gabriel Verlag (Stuttgart). For the 100th there is next to this book and various lectures, such as Deutschlandfunk, our exhibition in Herzogenrath. Kaussen will give an introductory, emotional lecture, then it's about the Mandela portraits and the retro style of Ralf Metzenmacher.


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