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[26. July 2018] The World is Colorful!!

The world out there is colorful.🌈 (Text by Maxie Fröhlich)

"People who work together sum up their potentials & insights!"! ️

If they still cleverly "pack" these potentials - because they're right - into a birthday party a lá Retro, then the package in the Retrokulturpaket (retro culture package) really makes sense. Because it has a reason Recall. Rethink. Prompt. Antecedents. Last night, the RKP base in Bamberg was so beefed up that the great sweating was currently irrelevant. Okay - almost 🙂 Rainbow Mandela hung in all facets and in every corner. Love was in the air ... 🌈

▶ ️ Dr. Retro's legendary book reading series this time zoomed in on Bruce Springsteen and his biography - by the way very impressive - and makes you want more. Ralli, that has something

▶ ️ Stephan once more in his element: broadening horizons can only come from education. No Trallafitti, as he always raushaut, but quality journalism and reading. He is right - but I still add it, even the food for thought between the lines, written, spoken - no matter - open the mind. The encounters with people, good and valuable conversations form, inspire and drive each one of us forward. Because they create NEW. OK then.

▶ ️ And where we are at the moment with something new. If the musician can deal with camera and technology just as well - Sascha, that was a full-time job for you yesterday - as with guitar and voice, then there is also the broadening of horizons. Stephan might say, "well, one has to do the job". Right! That's why there's a small summary and pictures for you here ...

Because what does the retro culture package stand for? For: bringing the VALUABLE from the past into the TODAY. To hold it, to live and pass it on !! ️ Packed in art, music, opinion and a clear positioning. Jawohlja 🙂

In this sense, a big thank you to Ralf, Stephan and Sascha for this great evening. Also because yesterday new interesting people found and got to know about your work and your being. I only say law of attraction. "It sends us back what we send out. In the same language. With the same announcement. With the same zest for life 🎈🎉☀️ Do i need to say more? 😉 It was fun Maxie


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