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[26. July 2018] Mandelafication

"Mandelafication" in Bamberg Retro Art by Ralf Metzenmacher on the 100th of a worldwide legend

Bamberg. From Bamberg a message of peace goes out into the world: Mandelafication! And just as surprising as this term are the other keywords of Ralf Metzenmacher: Retro Art, yes retro culture package!

It's a fascinating package that the former PUMA designer put together in his studio. This Retrokulturpaket (retro culture package) consists of three elements - and each one has it all: painting and design, books and music. All of these genres come with a quality that, in itself, would easily be enough to get the highest attention. The origin of the retro-thought was and is, according to Metzenmacher, "to save the good and valuable from yesterday into the here and now. And to create a foundation for the future in this translation of the valuable. " In the week of the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, there was now the presentation of all this. In the courtyard of the Retro Art Atelier at Bamberger Leinritt, Metzenmacher introduced his new paintings and design prints to Mandela. "It was important to me to contribute in honor of the greatest century figure of modernity!" Metzenmacher was inspired by his longtime companion dr. Stephan Kaußen, by his standards Germany-wide and internationally recognized South Africa expert. Kaussens latest book, which also appeared in 2018 to the centenary of Nelson Mandela (in Stuttgart Gabriel Verlag, together with Christian Nuremberg), was the occasion, now this monument in written form and a painted monument from the world of art and design to the side put. Kaußen and Metzenmacher presented their works to over 50 fascinated invited guests. Even specially designed posters for the "Rainbow Mandela" and brand new T-shirt collections with the portrait of the freedom fighter from South Africa astonished the audience. It was all the more fun, yes, goose bumps, when the third element of the retro culture package came on stage: Sascha Renier. The 30-year-old Bamberger delighted the auditorium with his unique voice and guitar, and for over an hour and a half, the guests wondered if they had ever seen such a combination before? "I'm afraid not," laughed Stephan Kaußen, who charmingly led the evening after his own heavy talk about Mandela's heritage and the question of what all this has to do with us here and now. Kaußen, known from ARD radio and TV (Phoenix, n-tv): "Our retro culture package tries not only to connect yesterday, today and tomorrow, but also the generations. And when I heard Sascha singing for the first time accompanied by his guitar almost four years ago, I immediately knew: we'll pack it in the package! So began a collaboration that has made at least two record releases possible. " How much the three gentlemen harmonize, was particularly apparent in their shared moments on the stage, as they brought the audience closer to their friendship and motivation in all laxity. But the laxity is otherwise rather not in the center of the joint work, as much more profound. What became particularly clear when the youngest of the three gave his cover to Udo Lindenberg's "Odyssey" to the best: "Sick old men on the command bridges play American poker and Russian roulette." These were, of course, the current world leaders Trump and Putin, who in all their behavior are so much the opposite of what Nelson Mandela stood for. And, that's the clou of "Mandelafication": "We want to uphold Mandela's cultural heritage," emphasized Ralf Metzenmacher. "And luckily that's fortunate for the entire globe at the core of humanism, universalism and bridge building - instead of tearing it all down!"


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