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[12. July 2015] „Retro" - The New Wingenfelder Album

'Retro' is the third studio album of 'Wingenfelder', the German band around the brothers Kai and Thorsten Wingenfelder (Ex-Fury in The Slaughterhouse). Inspired by Metzmachers idea, that retro is the unspoken longing for romance. Therefore, there are many details from this idea of his Retro Art paintings on the cover or in the booklet.

After the last album 'Selbstausloeser' the two of them wanted to take a step back, but also wanted to go two steps forward. Back to the personal issues of their debut 'Besser zu zweit' and 2 steps forward on the way to THEIR German Pop Album. 12 Songs, stories from their own lives, remaining authentic and yet proceeded to look back and asking themselves if they have not lost something along the way? That's 'Retro!'

Produced in Gizmo 7 Studio/Spain by Ralf C. Mayer (Mark Forster, Cro, Clueso, Fanta 4 ...) and Paul Grau (Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Brings, noise ...).


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