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[15. April 2014] art & music. That's how ist was...

art & music in 2014 is over now and I went reluctantly back to Bamberg. Here's what I've been told: "So when tomorow starts without me, do not think we're far apart, for everytime you think of me, I'm right here in your heart" .

Also, I allow myself to quote Prof. Dr Stephan Kaußen: "Dear friends, Ralf Metzenmacher, Thorsten and Silvi Wingenfelder, I can only congratulate you on your great initiatives. What has been done in these two weeks in Nuembrecht, Eckenhagen and so on, is simply great and an excellent contribution for the benefit of children, young people, schools and society as a whole, we learn: not always the big stage counts - but the willingness, the lifeblood. DEDICATION! You are true LIVING ROLE MODELS - and I thank you on behalf of all people who contribute for the common good thoughts! Altruism instead of egoism, that would be and is the core message of two weeks "Metzmacher and Friends" in Nümbrecht/Germany."

I personally would like to thank you for an exciting and inspiring time in "The Land of Mountains", how its called and sincere thanks to all those involved. Especially Björn Lange from "Unplugged -promotions" (along with Dusty and Eloy), Silvia, Reneé, Vincent, Raphael and Thorsten Wingenfelder, Claudia Schulte- Terboven, Reiner Pfesdorf, Torsten Straeter (Comedian), Katja Werker (Singer/Songwriter), Biber Herrmann, David Munyon (also both Singer/Songwriter) and all new Nümbrecht friends. I would also like to thank Hannes Bauer and Stephan Kaußen for their tireless and fabulous work. Without you I would have not been able to make something sosuccessful and beautiful. Thank you.

Another thanks goes to the community primary school "Am Höchsten" to the High Schools Nümbrecht and Wiehl, as well as the Common School Eckenhagen and especially to Mr. Müller

Here you'll find some newspaper reports :

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