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[29. March 2014] Grand Opening & creative Cooperation

art & music in Nümbrecht

Ralf Metzmacher, former designer at Puma, the sports lifestyle company from Germany and current painter and philosopher sets of from 29 March to 11 April 2014 at the house of art in Nümbrecht/Germany. Painter and philosopher in the sense of a bridge between the worlds. Apparently between the worlds of design, music and painting - so a softening supposed limits of dimensions that are to be separated by strict definition usually. Now, Metzenmacher allows himself to build more bridges: Approximately between the conscious and the subconscious. In his work lies a quite outstanding performance of transcendence, namely the translation of tangible truths in visible form .

The painter Ralf Metzmacher accesses most controversial issues in today's society with his Retro Art. Both issues of interpersonal as well as politics and religion are provided with the means of modernized still life painting and answered quiet originally. Metzenmacher opens the viewer perspectives, that so often can hardly be taken in their daily lives. This possibly creates completely new perspectives and contexts. Metzmacher shows in his painting 'Feuerbach 2008 ' that the increasing individualization of people paradoxically leads to egalitarianism and separation simultaneously. His resulting demand is allowing a "harmony of differences". Metzmacher enters with his latest still life painting virgin territory, which will now be seen in Nümbrecht, the home of his friend and accomplice Thorsten Wingenfelder (Wingenfelder, Ex - Fury in the Slaughterhouse) for the first time . Metzmacher and Wingenfelder will accompany several school projects during the time of the exhibition and will held together some local workshops and lectures in selected schools.

Both the chosen form of Retro Art - as a blend of art and design - as well as their theses have epoch-making potential. Similarly, most of Pop Art in its times. If you take the newly invented symbolism Metzmacher seriously, you realize that he is a very keen observer of people and society. That's exactly where the two friends meet and where they bring art and music with knowledge to harmony. Metzmacher and Wingenfelder are humanists who deliver through their different works exciting evidence for negative developments in the societies . Both emphasize the principle of paradox for the painting and the music by making it apparent opposites as part of the whole visible. They make sure the viewers and the listeners of another principle, of imperfection.


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