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[20. November 2013] Only Love Will Rescue The Brave

Foto: copyright Steven P. Carnarius Text/Song: Wingenfelder

The Road to Belief

There is a silence deep inside of me. Is there a living without an enemy? Will money fulfill all of what we desire or are we the ones being deceived? Will someone show, someone show me the road to belief.

There is so much killing in the Near East, but it seems they can´t kill the real beast. A life in a paradise, flying so high. If you wanna get up there you first have to die. Is there someone out there to show me the road to belief

So tired of fairytales, of prophets and gods. They all only care for themselves, it makes no odds Now I see you walk in, making me feel safe, cause we both know only love will rescue the brave.

There´s river deep inside of me. It´s getting bigger and will lead into the sea. Once a fighter and now a lover, waiting for high spirits to receive and I know you will show me, show me the road to belief

Here you can listen to the song:


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