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[16. September 2013] "Food for Thought" - What is it about?

Food for Thought from a Different Perspective - Painting and Essays about the Status of our Time -

The „Word-Sketch-Book" with the title "Food for Thought from a Different Perspective - Painting and Essays on the Status of our Time" is a deliberately open and sketchy book to the reader on a journey of discovery of the two authors Ralf Metzenmacher and Stephan Kaußen. They are of the opinion that their book might be interesting and important for people in education. Starting with the Ministries of Education and Culture, to the professors of many disciplines, all teachers, social scientists and social workers. It's about basic concepts like true education in addition to just training, balance of equality and the right of "Unequality", recognition at eye level, imperfection as a principle, "BWLisierung (Business Managementilisation)" of society, etc., and about the secret concept of "chronical dualism", behind which is an invisible, highly relevant and hidden law of nature.

Many people remain in our promotional rated period no time to reflection. Most people and institutions are occupied and busy with the everyday work and their specialist tasks that they often lost the big picture, in addition to also loosing very important nuances and details. Metzenmacher and Kaußen are convinced that their actions and this book can be important for many people. There are social aberrations observed and identified. New perspectives are added, which might help to fix the emerging problems.

To be the "stumbling block" is the function of this sketchbook. It is the self-chosen task to trigger quite different associative stones. The stumbling blocks here are actually not what is commonly associated with this term, which is too offensive. These stumbling blocks are about impetus to suggestion for "self-reflection-about " and to the transmission of signals. This can be hard truths, sometimes sober, analytical, sometimes emotionally, sometimes self-confidence-giving times, sometimes beeing the shoulder to cry on - but always supported by the willingness to put yourself in the perspective of the other. In the original sense of Metzenmachers understanding and application of the term "change in perspective" as an artist - and the big picture without losing sight of all. To the common good for every one.

As a result, Metzmacher and Kaußen mix thoughts from the painting with the needed words of social analysis to illustrate a common humanistic message. Just food for thought from a different perspective. Or even better, from multiple perspectives. Because here are 90 years life experience introduced from two interesting biographies. One author is an artist, a philosopher, a trained product designer who successfully worked in the industry for many years. The other is a journalist (German-ARD-Radio), political scientist, historian, lecturer, expert on international politics and analysts of everyday social life in Germany. Find out more here: Isbn: 987-3-940075-79-6



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