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[12. July 2013] Jim Beam

Jim Beam (18” x 21”, oil on canvas, 1991) A carton from the bottled-water company Apollinaris with advertisements printed on it gave me the idea for the next picture. I thought about how I could present the carton in a type of macro-depiction, whereby only some of the printed words would be recognizable. The contents of the carton would then be the trompe l’oeil, but I would alter them in such a way that at first glance one would believe they were looking at the original bottle; only after taking a closer look would the viewer realize that they were actually looking at a bottle of bourbon ("Jim Beam"). I therefore painted a shadow on the carton excerpt in the color of an Apollinaris bottle but in the shape of a whiskey bottle. I then topped it all off with a barcode line for scanning the price, which I placed in the lower corner of the painting. I used the complementary contrast red-green in its nearly purest form in this picture, and in a manner in which I had never done before with any other picture.


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