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[22. February 2011] The New 'Saints'

To my series: A Journey into the Hollier-Than-Thou-Land, I have created so-called 'New Saint' images. They expose the adored ones as the all too human.

'The Inprisoned Angel' has indeed won the Nobel Peace Prize, but his claim still can not be followed by actions taken. As a prisoner he is guided by foreign powers without the direction defined by himself. He looks strangely is pale and his halo has no shine and no lights!

The 'World Saviour' is painted as an observer sitting as the most powerful man in the world on the moon and can only watch from a distance, how the storm clouds are gathering. He is far away from reality and can only watch out without doing anything himself. For him, the world is at the same time becoming feminine and oriental.

In 'Ad Absurdum' Jesus asks what happened to his peaceful idea? Jesus' message was Frieden, Peace, Shalom and Salaam. What happened to that is war. Crusade, sometimes Holocaust or Intifada times ... Green is the color of hope, and also the color of the Islam. Red is love, and also the blood that was shed in the last 2000 years. Blue is desirability, the sky and the sea. And in that ad absurdum Jesus is the hypocrisy of modern martyrs.


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