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[18. Januar 2011] From Equality to Diversity Permission

From 'Ricordo di Tivoli' by Anselm Feuerbach to 'Feuerbach 2008' from Ralf Metzenmacher.

Original text from the audio guide from the Old National Gallery in Berlin/Germany: There, a waterfall drops from a height down to a mysterious, shimmering green lake. A classic theme for a genre picture, one would think. But very quickly it becomes clear that Anselm Feuerbach painting 'Ricordo di Tivoli', had something different in mind, with the memory of the waterfalls of Tivoli, than the image of a childlike, nature-loving idyll. To clearly the artist stylized this idyll. The chirldren remain strange and too closed to us. First, it is striking that both look in opposite directions. The boy looks at the floor. The girl on the other hand, with slightly raised head into the heaven. In its view, the upper floor opens to the bright dominated sky, while the lower part of the whole green-brown vegetation remains. Separately, the areas by a diagonal that runs from upper left to lower right corner. The girl is sitting exactly above the boy. Feuerbach shows the girl connected to the sky. It symbolizes the element of air, the element of spirit. The boy, however, is completely enveloped by the earth, even the clothing emphasizes this contrast. The girl wears skirt and blouse - a sign of civilization, which reflect the white-blue of the sky. The body of the boy, however, is only slightly from an earth-coloured cloth covered. What spirit and nature, girls and boys have in common is, we can interpret Feuerbach's ideas painting: music. In music, the two opposites elements find harmony.

Metzmacher: "And thus the harmony of differences. Therefore, the word equality also be changed in Diversity Permission, for equality thus leads to unbalance or merely a shift of power and not the actual goal of harmony. If you would like to achive harmony between the sexes, one must consider the differences to the nature. "


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