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10. Januar 2011] From Utopia to Realism

To better understand the Retro-Art, you need to look a little in history and find will find kindred spirits. Picasso has supplied 1949 a world-famous peace dove design as a dream for mankind. The theme reflects the longing for peace and corresponds to an utopia. This motif was then taken up in the 80s of last century, by the former peace movement and was used as a symbol of their positive intentions. Today's reality is different and that's what I addressed in my pictures on 'The Trip to the Hollier-Than-Thou-Land'. Here you can see for the first time the icons next to each other and it is immediately apparent that the goals articulated at that time, unfortunately, do not correspond to the western reality, even if it is all about the USA. The U.S. as a leading nation in the Western World have kicked out its own objective, for which this nation (freedom) stands and leads its essential goal ad absurdum. This reality makes the retro-style clear and is in stark contrast to the utopia articulated by Picasso.




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