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[09. Jan 2009] Grand Opening at the 'Jovel'

My artist friend Steffi Stephan, the founder and old time bass player from the legendary 'Panic Orchester' has invited me, to join the opening of his 'Smoking Gallery' at the new music club Jovel in Muenster/Germany. The pictures will receive the nessesary patina to defferentiate a classical piece from a fast going trend.

Art as Remix – Metzenmacher’s brave new world

Ralf Metzenmacher – introvert, extrovert, retrovert

Ralf Metzenmacher is an artist and designer. His creations, or rather compositions, too, avail themselves of elements from both areas, they simply aren’t just art but unite art and design. In his “Retro Art”, Metzenmacher draws on the traditional, mixes it with the contemporary and thereby creates something new. Metzenmacher is painting’s DJ, bringing together Willem Kalf, René Magritte and Andy Warhol.

The retro trend is taken as a matter of course in fashion, design and music. And no-one knows this better than Ralf Metzenmacher; he has, after all, co-invented it, so to speak. The playful mix of old and new becomes the post-modern. The familiar from the past and the contemporary fuse into a balanced “look back ahead” – sweet music of the future is in the air.

A new genre is born, the „retrovolution“ has come to full fruition: seventeenth-century still life painting is de-dusted and is ablaze in new, colorful splendor. Metzenmacher connects the classical to the contemporary while staying one step ahead. He picks up and re-interprets. His works not only have euphonious names, but also a rockin’ tune.

Metzenmacher depicts objects and situations. While creating his works he sets the tone and determines the beat. “I’m not just about mere representation; it’s the message only that makes art art,” he emphasizes; and thus Metzenmacher invents new symbols for a better understanding by the viewer and in doing so makes the world swing. With striking rhythms and bold motifs the Pinselartist® (paint brush artist) brings contemporary life to a point, creates visual tune wedgies, instructive without being instructional, entertaining without being ridiculous.

Get involved, and your eyes won’t believe their ears.


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