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[18 March 2008] The Puma-Story in the German Times

Today, I have read for the first time the review of the book from Rolf-Herbert Peter 'The Puma-Story' in the German Times from 27.Dec 2007 (Economics). I was totally amazed, as the author Ulrich Viehöver asked the right questions and made great notes to this PR-story about Jochen Zeitz. From my perspective things look quite different, as published. Most of the the mentioned people were just spending money, the ones who earned all the money are not even mentioned!

I have recognized Jochen Zeitz as an brutal egoist who was not caring about human being at all. He was just recless.

Unfortunately, the published text from Ulrich Viehöver is only available in German language. Sorry, but who would like to know more, should not hesitate to contact me.


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