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[10. April 2008] Fury in Aachen

Unfortunately, Kai the singer of the band, was badly injured at their Luxembourg venue the day before. The concert in Eupen/Belgium was canceled and so we decided to make a little Fury-Happening together with my friends at Bubel's ice-cream shop.

The next morning Thorsten the guitar player and songwriter has invited me and my best friends Ecki and Hardy for breakfast at the best hotel in Aachen, where the band was staying over night. Over 2 hours we had the chance to talk about music, art and human beings (their behaviour). This was thrilling.

Today Fury is playing in a venue close to my hometown Aachen. Together with some long time compagnions and friends we will support Thorsten and Kai.

10.04.2008 B - Eupen/Belgium, Capitol *


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