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Toning it up artistically
Metzenmacher: picture this for a change!

As Pinselartist® (paint brush artist), Ralf Metzenmacher wants to show the viewers those things they do not see straight away: the subconscious. In the painted stories of his variegated visual world, all people are supposed to and will recognize themselves as in a mirror image.

But the artist also gives away his view of the world with subjective objectivity. Being modern, colorful, and provocative, Metzenmacher puts facts on canvas and in a nutshell. He minutes the present time and devotes himself to the subjects which get young people's pulses racing.

In this, the colorfulness additionally brings out the statements in his work; it's not just what you say but how you paint it.

Metzenmacher combines art and design in a way never seen before and in doing so is composer, musician and conductor in one. And he integrates the concept of collection into art. Similarities to the works of Andy Warhol are not coincidental, even intentional. After all, Metzenmacher continues Warhol's basic concept with today's means: the serial production of art.

In the process, Ralf Metzenmacher designs two different collections alongside his originals or “master tapes”. These new compositions are unique but at the same time multifaceted. They differ from the master tapes in their innovative colors, size, materials and frames.

Metzenmacher wants to "democratize" art and create it for people who don't usually engage with it. He thereby establishes the alternative and wants to spark young people's enthusiasm for modern art once more with his innovative beat.

Metzenmacher has had the experience that people with less money don't necessarily have less taste. This is why he offers pictures that fit the respective budget. This is the democratization of art and reflects the political position in Ralf Metzenmacher's life.
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