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RETRO-ART by Ralf Metzenmacher

As designer and director at PUMA, Ralf Metzenmacher has already proved that he is able to gauge the spirit of the times with his innovative ideas. His retro shoes and bags are already cult products and well on their way to becoming design classics.

As a freelance painter and Paintbrush Artist® he is now able to use the rich fund of art history available in order to create without limitations and obligations. In his vibrantly colourful still-lifes he not only combines provocative art and design with tradition and trend but brings them into confrontation with each other. By working within this extraordinary area of tug of war, he creates something new. Something that can be designated as a further development of Pop Art: Retro Art, the synthesis of art and design.

Ralf Metzenmacher, Retro-Art forerunner

Paintbrush Artist® Ralf Metzenmacher lives and works in Bamberg (Bavaria, Germany). His studio is on the bank of the river Regnitz not far from the tourist attraction known as Little Venice. It is there that he continues his work as frontier runner between art and paintbrush design in the style of the old masters. Through his Retro Art painting technique, retro ideas are finally reaching the art world. Retro is everywhere...

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Latest News

[19th July 2019] Exhibition Opening in Forchheim

Retrokulturpaket on Tour!😎

60 Guests, 30 Paintings, 2 Hosts, 1 Photograph - Thanks to Ulf ...


[15.May - 25. May 2019] Canossa Reloaded

A journey of attention with a cross image against the abuse.

Following the motto "Crossing Borders", the artist R. Metzenmacher and his friend ...


[24. January 2019] Universalism in Painting

You have to look precisely in order to understand it: A young director in charge of a sportslifestyle company, with all the prospects of a bright ...

[03.12.2018] Metzenmacher - Talk with the Artist

A young group of future media designers from Würzburg/Germany had chosen Pop Art as their project. They discovered me during their research. This led ...

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