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2. Reptile Benz

Picture information:
200cm x 75cm, oil on canvas
Lord of the Crown - Reptile Benz
The Story:
"Reptile Benz" portrays the self-chosen position of man as reptile or predator. The lord and hunter, ready to fight. As an indication of his readiness, he has elected to have a "Tribal" design (similar to a tattoo) embroidered on his car's excessively long hood. For many indigenous races and particularly for young people in the western world, this Tribal design is applicable as a symbol of freedom and independence. The message is clear: "Look, I do as I like!"

The jungle green section displays the Mercedes Benz logo at the frontal point of an aggressive-looking car. Our man today uses this instrument of power in the same way as the hunter in the jungle uses his spear point as a weapon. The picture is intended to secure an animalistic effect and the headlight is therefore more a target-seeking eye than any sort of technical visual assistance. This eye is attached to the hood using a series of screws.

This attachment and the visible seams between the metal sheets are a reference to the sort of mechanical nature that is often to be found in films like "Predator" (with Arnold Schwarzenegger). This picture's message reads: "I'm clearing the way ahead. Watch out!"

It is at the same time, both highly topical and fundamental. Those who have experienced for themselves the daily insanity on German motorways can comprehend how seriously the drivers of some vehicles take this unverbalized message. And it is not just the drivers: the subject matter is so topical that courts (testdrivers are guilty of manslaughter) are also legally pursuing this behaviour with sensational judgements. Legislators have reacted by considerably increasing the penalty fines.

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