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22. Miss Lanzarote
Recklessness as caricature

Picture information:
90cm x 127cm, oil on canvas

The story:
PUMA AG, 2 December 1991: On this day I started work as a designer in Herogenaurach. A break in my life. Before I started my first job, I took a short holiday to Lanzarote with my later wife. After an unspectacular journey and checking into the hotel, we made our way to the beach in the evening. It was fantastically beautiful and extremely inviting. However it immediately caught our attention that our section of beach was littered with sand craters and sand mounds. And: there was a stern notice in German on each of these fortresses. All analogous to: This space is reserved by the Müller family between 15 and 21 November.

I had never seen anything like it. I asked myself: Who on earth would want to put up such a sign? I discovered the answer to my question on the beach the next day: German pensioners who had laid themselves down stark naked next to their self-reserved sand mounds in order to protect themselves from the constant insular wind. That was one reason for the sand mounds. The other was of course their nakedness.

As we were not familiar with the customs on this particular beach, we simply laid ourselves down on our towels and enjoyed the sun and the sea. After a bit I rolled over onto my stomach and just couldn't believe what I saw: our solidly built neighbours of distinguished years were sitting with a handkerchief between their legs! I rolled about with laughter and managed to point it out to my girl friend with tears in my eyes. I had never seen anything like it - not to mention that I could never even have imagined such a thing.

Miss Lanzarote

However, the people in question had absolutely no problem with the handkerchief between their legs and behaved as if it were the most normal thing in the world. I reconnoitered the local area and determined that practically everybody comported themselves in the same manner. In my picture Musselhill therefore appears in an altered form: with a broad smirk on its supposed face and grandmas handkerchief covering the ring.

The picture has earned the title: Miss Lanzarote

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