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20. The Mother Crown
The woman, the epicentre of life

Picture information:
127cm x 92cm, oil on canvas

The story :
In any pictorial representation of femininity, the theme of reproduction must be included as a matter of course. And with it the closely related sense of being.

During the course of my life I have known many women who only really entered adulthood with the birth of their first child. Because the aspect of reproduction is so exceedingly important, a picture on this subject was compelling. I therefore developed a crown from the Grand Snail I, a crown which had just discarded its tail. And so it was: the development from the snail into the crown as a symbol of The Woman as the Crowning of Creation. The painted crown now has receptive, cornet shaped goblets on its formerly pointed ends, goblets in which the individual snails or mussels could be placed.

The Mother Crown

2 small mussles/snails are growing out from the interior, as babies so to speak. They constitute the embellishment for a new crown and an indication of their origin is given by their colours - that of the Female Mussel and the Snail.

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