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19. The Horned One
Real life

Picture information:
127cm x 92cm, oil on canvas

The story:
A particular female quality is the permanent desire for admiration and recognition. Women constantly seek to be attractive and desirable. Admittedly the man is allowed to play the part of the hunter but in the end it is always the woman who actually selects her partner. Not the other way around.

As a 26 year old university graduate, I was head over heels in love with a young woman who I later married. At the time I was not yet aware that even before our wedding she was having a relationship with another man. I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined such a thing. Obviously I was stunned when I found out about this liaison during our separation.

It was from this background that I painted the horned picture. The female sexual characteristics represented by the blue melon to the right of the picture and the Grand Snail portrayed as a hairy hedgehog, are clear giveaways. In the center: the symbol of femininity in markedly modern colours, supplemented by two cattle horns. I regard this painting as a particularly successful still life: the perfect realization of modern symbols of great depth in conjunction with a genuine meaning.

The Horned One

Retro-Art Music Edition:
Clipping from "Wingenfelder & Wingenfelder - Wake up sad man"

The viewer is presented with additional symbols with clear statements that make this complex subject matter easier to understand. The symbols are self explanatory. The table edge evokes memories of a traditional still life, and the picture somehow seems familiar. In a similar manner to the familiarity of a successful retrodesign by the car industry (like the mini or VW beetle).

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