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16. The Knitting Dolly
The woman: manager in both career and private life

Picture information:
127cm x 92cm, oil on canvas

The story:
One of my favourite pictures is the Knitting Dolly. It portrays particularly clearly the metamorphosis of the Grand Snail into something individual and new. The idea for this motive came from my own experience at primary school. At that time, handicrafts was for the first time compulsory for both boys and girls. We were required to knit woolly sausages with a knitting dolly for hours at a time. The knitting dolly was a chubby-cheeked figure with 4 nails in its head and a hole in its middle. By skillfully weaving the fibres together, fat sausages centimeters thick gradually emerged.

At the time I was unable to understand the point of this exercise and constantly asked myself: why do I have to do something so boring and senseless? It seemed to me it was a pure waste of time, I would rather have played Zorro, done my best to emulate Robin Hood or searched for the end of a rainbow. To undertake such "grandma work" was impossible for me.

Die Krone der Schöpfung - Die Strickliesel

My childhood clothes were also almost all knitted by my mother, as money for new clothes was often simply not available. As a result I was often swathed in thick woolly tanktops together with hat, scarf and gloves. My mother was very proud of my home-made wardrobe. All I can remember is how the raw wool used to scratch me so.

Nevertheless: the Knitting Dolly stands for the modern woman as a creator, organiser and manager in both career and private life - even in these high tech times.

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