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14. The melon princess
Shame on you II. No words are needed

Picture information:
123cm x 89cm, oil on canvas

The story:
Tja, the melons... This picture was dear to my heart because the first presentation of Shame On You was such a particular experience for me. The viewers were irritated, embarrassed and yet nonetheless they understood immediately what it was about. The explicitness was stunning and simply cried out to be repeated. A sister picture composed of melons emerged from this experience.

Almost every man makes particular associations as this fruit is presented at the market place or in the supermarket. I have set this viewpoint down in this picture. However, there is a deeper narrative level to be found if one takes the time to step closer to the picture. Then it can be seen that Batman is sitting on the melon, nibbling at the sweet open fruit.

The melon princess

This little game with the viewer is saying: even princesses will abandon their reserve if they meet the right prince. However the prince I have portrayed wears leather and latex and in this manner I offer a humorous contribution to looking at life in a different way.
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