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13. Shame on you
No words are needed

Picture information:
123cm x 89cm, oil on canvas

The story:
Take a look at the generally clumsy advertisements on television and in magazines. This clumsiness, instigated through entirely simple means, is also to be found in the male instinct for female sexuality. I wanted to express this point through a clear and simple, yet overly exaggerated, presentation of the breast. The breasts are portrayed in natural colours to allow a more realistic reference to actual breasts to emerge, although in fact only snail shells from an unusual perspective and in a particular composition are actually presented here. For me this painting is the clearest contribution to the presentation and meaning of still life painting. Simple but effective, just like life itself.

Shame on you

Personal note: Today I can still laugh myself silly over the title. At the time, I painted this picture with burning ears - initially I was so ashamed to be painting something like this. However the freedom of art and specifically the attainment of awareness was important in this picture.
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