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12. The cherry rose
Today's sensual femininity

Picture information:
89cm x 124cm, oil on canvas

The story:
A tattoo or transfer of a rose is for me an unequivocal symbol and pictorial link to modern young women. Tattoos always seem to me to resemble poorly done transfers of the type which used to come as a freebie in a pack of chewing gum. Tattoos in the form of antlers are often understood to be signs leading to the entrance of the vagina, the behind or the breast. They seldom have anything to do with a person's soul. It is almost always to do with sexuality. In any case, young people today consider this "body art" to be both cool and trendy.

Only a very few think about the symbology of these pictures in their old age, when sexuality no longer plays the most important role in life. A blue melon can be seen next to the red-painted snail shell. Thus I have presented the female sexual characteristics. The perspective of both symbols has been distorted and thus together they portray space and depth. The colours are unnatural. The forms are based on the Grand Snails. In this way the poetic presentation of femininity is preserved for me.

The cherry rose

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