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11. Piercing
Independent femininity and self-confidence

Picture information:
127cm x 92cm, oil on canvas

The story:
Piercing brings us to the point. Or alternatively expressed "to the ring". In addition to a tattoo, women today often pierce various body-parts in order to jewel themselves. This fashion developed from music movements like grunge and hip-hop in the USA in the 80s and 90s. This symbolism was quickly adopted by young people in Germany too. Members of almost every current musical band (from all sorts of different musical genres) have piercings as a symbol of our lifestyle today. Tokio Hotel, Kaiser Chefs, Maximo Park are some such examples.

My piercing is positioned on a particularly incisive part of the portrayed and yet unreal object. It is placed as a connection between the inner mussel and the outer shell. Thus the focal point of the painting is established and the cold shades of the exterior are linked with the rose pink inner mussel.


This motive can be envisaged either as a sexual characteristic or quite simply as an ear. A form of Tromp L'Oeil (illusion), a reference to the art of painting in the 17th century. The portrayed ring is a specific piercing object, namely my lost earring. The additional expedient small rivets signify the independence of an imaginary woman in a male dominated world.
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