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His artistic orientation – the synthesis between art and product design – can be understood by looking at his biography. Ralf Metzenmacher, born in 1964, studied object and product design at the Aachen College of Higher Education from 1986-1991. He learnt painting technique from Prof. Christiane Maether and sculpture and design from Prof. Ulf Hegewald. After completing his studies he went on to pursue an impressive career with PUMA, the sportswear producers. 

Initially he designed all “designer footware” at PUMA. He worked in the “Business Management Accessories International” section and alongside design he was responsible for product management, development, marketing and sales and purchasing. He quickly rose to the position of “Director of Footware Europe and Accessories International”. In their press coverage the media have tended to summarise this position as “Chief Designer”. Although such as title is clearly more press-friendly, it is technically incorrect as no such position existed at PUMA. Metzenmacher designed the product, developed it, specified materials, conducted forecasts, organised purchasing and then presented it internationally. He was the creative manager, recruiting new colleagues, opening new offices (Boston, London) and overseeing their progress.

As “Chairman of the Circle” Metzenmacher was a member of the most important internal PUMA panel for future planning. During the 90s the Franconian sportswear producers who had been respectable but unsophisticated, transformed themselves into a trendy international fashion and lifestyle organisation. After 12 years, Metzenmacher left PUMA AG in 2004; and now as a free-lance artist he devotes himself exclusively to his passion. Painting.

Ralf Metzenmacher
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