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Painting technique

His painting technique also has retro elements to it. Metzenmacher studied Francisco de Zurbaran's (1598-1664) glazing technique at the Museum of Suermondt-Ludwig in Aachen. He studied the painting "Der kniende Franz von Assisi" (kneeling Francis of Assisi) as an example, analysing the composition, brushwork, and its light and shade. He used this method of painting together with emulsion paint to create a unique painting technique, the aim of which was to bring a three dimensionality to the picture and to provide it with as much illumination as possible. This technique requires light and shade to be defined immediately after the first coat has been painted.  The shape is then rendered more precisely by layer upon layer of thinly applied colour. It is only at the final stage that light and shade are applied with impasto colours.

Francisco de Zurbarán: "Stillleben mit verschiedenen Vasen" (1636)
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