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Ralf Metzenmacher has also developed collections to compliment his originals. These original prints differ from each other in choice of colour, printing technique, frames and materials. Collections are common in the world of fashion and Metzenmacher now brings a comparable version into the world of art.

That notwithstanding, there is an additional reason for launching the collections. All artists are aware that a lack of money by no means implies a lack of taste. Therefore Ralf Metzenmacher has chosen to offer pictures suitable for all budgets. This is part of the democratization of art and reflects his political views.


The collections are called the "edition-collection" and the "rallipan-collection". The opulent "edition-collection" adopts colour tones similar to those used in the originals whilst the reasonably priced rallipan-collection boasts contemporary colours reflecting the times in which we live.

In product design, designers do not concentrate exclusively upon shape and colour selection. They must also concern themselves with packaging. As a result, Ralf Metzenmacher sees the frames as an important part of Retro-Art.  He uses frames specially developed to suit the subject matter of the painting; frames that emphasise the picture’s message.

The frames used for "Femininity - the crowning of creation" are reminiscent of the baroque era, ornate and luxuriously decorated. In contrast, the frames for "Masculinity - the Lord of the Crown" are simply structured with a high gloss varnish finish.  Frames which have an effect similar as that of a car’s chrome work.
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