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[26. - 28. May 2007] Pinkpop Music Festival

Music is one of my biggest loves. Together, music and lyrics can express an individual feeling or point of view almost perfectly – rather like painting. Therefore it was a great pleasure for me to visit this year’s Pinkpop Music Festival in the Netherlands along with my 2 best friends Ecki and Hardy and some others. We saw some fantastic bands, accompanied by stormy weather, a huge amount of rain and 3 days worth of beer, frikandels and frietches. My personal favourites were: Iggy Pop and the Stooges – they were clear, spot on, gave it everything they had and knew what they were singing about. Muse were the surprise of the festival with a mix of Queen and heavy guitars. Smashing Pumpkins provided great alternative music, not so new any more but still inspiring. Some of the biggest disappointments were: Good Charlotte, too much posing and very little content; Wir Sind Helden, stylised boredom; and Lost Prophets, pointless absurdity.



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