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[08. January 2014] Avraham "Abie" Nathan a Great Role Model

Abie Nathan, I did not know until yesterday. Wow, what an outstanding role model for all of humanism in its purest form to us. Why do we send our children to school? In order to improve the world a little they need merely to follow his example. I wonder, what do we learn at our schools? Multiply money, to get our own existence to adapt to any system? Why do we train elites when the real "elite" mind yet so simple? You have to follow it simply. We all and everyone in his sphere. Built radio stations, let he voice of compassion, speak, send flowers, ride out, meet people in Tehran, in the Gaza Strip, Syria, etc. don't waste your time on this world not with absurdities. Displays hearts… Here you can watch the movie online until January 14th:



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