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[28. October 2013] 'Nature Morte' by Michael Petry

"Nature Morte" by Michael Petry

I was very pleased about this new release, hoping finally something really important and something new to discover in the field of still life painting. But this was unfortunately not the case. There is far too much externals that are not just the real sense of still life, but of course purely belong in this list. Many variations of the variation can be seen, only recognizable by modern means, but no real development and relevance in my view. The book 'Food for Thought From a Different Perspective - Painting and Essay on the State of Our Time' which I wrote together with Stephan Kaußen, goes much further and gives the still life painting today a new the spirit. So it should be, and therefore my works should be included in this book, and this half-baked analysis would again add an important thrust.


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