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[27. May 2011] The New Painting 'Jaffa' is online

Since today my latest work from the series 'A Trip Into The Hollier-Than-Thou-Land' is online now.

With my three-part picture ‚Jaffa' I have created a painted document of destruction and murder of the indigenous population of the mediteranian town Jaffa. A memorial if you want. Through the centuries, the method of shifting power relations with means of destruction and violence hasn't changed much. At this point in my view, there is no real evolution of mankind, and therefore no modernization. Modernity would not use force to bring changes, but in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, a non-violent way of love and conviction pursue should have been taken. That this is possible, we should have learned from his example. But we haven't!

Here is the link:



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