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[10. March 2011] Curator Wanted

With his Retro Art the painter Ralf Metzenmacher takes up most controversial issues in modern society. Interpersonal themes as well as political and religios issues are questioned with the resources of his modernized still life painting in context to his unique answers. Metzenmacher changes the viewers perspectives, that those very often in everyday life, can hardly take themselves. This method brings new point of views and showes new relationships.

Metzmacher shows in his painting ‚Feuerbach 2008' that the increasing individualization of modern people, paradoxically, also leads to uniformity and separation. His resulting demand is the ‚Harmony of Differences.’

Metzmacher enters with his current still life painting virgin territory that is waiting for the serious appraisal by a museum audience. Both the method of Retro Art - as a mixture of art and design - and their theories have epoch-making potential. Similarly to Pop Art in it’s time. When the viewer takes the newly invented symbolism from Metzmacher serious, one realizes that he is a very close observer of people and society. His painting expresses in his own special way, the often unexpressable - namely the subconscious.

Metzenmacher is a humanist and his work provides interesting evidence of failures in society. He stressed the principle of paradox for his painting by apparent opposites as part of the whole visible. He ensured the viewer of another principle: the imperfect. Ralf Metzenmacher hopes that after six years of intensive work he could find a collaboration with a courageous and professional curator or gallery owner, who dares his painted theories and findings in a large overall show for discussion. A start was made in 2009 at the PAN kunstforum, Emmerich/Germany on the Lower Rhine, and in some smaller locations, where each time a stimulating discourse on the content and form of the Retro Art took place.

(Prof. Dr. Stephan Kaussen, University for Media and Communication, Cologne/Germany)


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