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[11. January 2011] The Origin of the World

Gustave Courbet's 1886 painting "The Origin of the World" - shows the female sex as the place where life is created. The first owner of the work, the Turkish diplomat, Khalil Bey hid the image behind a green curtain and showed it only to selected guests. Today, these images are no longer shocking, and certainly no scandal anymore. The representation of natural, very human sides is missused commercially and has been demonized by society and the church. My painting is a poetic representation of Courbet's realism, cryptic contrary. Within my paintings the viewer doesn't only see a vagina, but also small teeth guarding the entrance, tattoos on the inside or genital piercings as a mirror image of today's reality. Bushy pubes are frowned in our, oh so modern society. On one side of biology and genetic engineering on the other side. I call this a paradox and visualize with my art these relationships in an unrealistic form. That's Retro-Art!


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