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[04. May 2009] An Apoll for Bamberg

The former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has launched together with the Major of Bamberg Andreas Starke a new scuplture created by a colleague Markus Luepertz for the town. Markus Luepertz art mirrors the spirit of the 1968 movement in Germany and he is one of the best known living German artists. My former Profesor Christiane Maether studied together with Markus Luepertz in Berlin at this times.

I see his art as an 'Against-Movement' to the establishment in these days. Nowadays to be against something isn't enough anymore. Young artists needs to be the alternative and needs to create the new by new contents too. This is different and also a reason, why Retro funktionates so well within the youth society todays. The discovery of the quality of the past is crucial to create the new. It is positivly and not against, therefore it works.


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